This coming Wednesday 25th January is our first Walk hope you can all join us

The Friends of Hollinswood and Randlay Valley are pleased to announce that we will be introducing Wellbeing Walks in the New Year.

These will take place on the Fourth Wednesday of each month.

We will be meeting at Hollinswood Pavilion (TF3 2DN) at 10 am and the walk will be approximately 60 minutes long – light refreshments will be available when we return.

The walk will be led by

Chris Turley (main leader)

Glyn Johnson (assistant)

Liam Seabury (assistant)


Thank you to the Chairman of the Friends of Hollinswood & Randlay Valley for taking us on the winter walk on 28th December.

Please find below some lovely pictures which we got chance to take along the route.

We hope you take time to have a wander through the Valley and enjoy the quiet open spaces.